Sunday 20 February 2011

This blog is moving

Dear Friends
I have moved the contents of this blog across to my main Blog at and hope you will transfer your bookmarks across. For more intimate costume chatter, you can friend me at .
As you will become aware, I make costumes from 1480s right through to the early 1900s, and what I am working on is influenced by what events I am attending. I am a member of the SCA, the Australian Costumers Guild, the Jane Austen Society of Australia and the American Costume Society. I attend historical costume events both in Australia and overseas and will share my experiences with you at the new blog. I collect antique clothing, and as time permits will share it with you as well.
In 2012 I will resume teaching historical costuming classes in my studio in Yarralumla. If there are any specific classes you would like me to hold, please let me know. I need a minimum of four in a class for it to run at a discount rate, otherwise can arrange individual classes at a quoted price.

Thursday 23 December 2010

Keeping in touch....

Dear friends
In this world of blogs, facebook, and forums I have chosen to put my historical costuming adventures temporarily onto Live Journal - please visit me there at

Saturday 29 May 2010

Regency period fine cotton embroidered gown

c. 1810-1820
The fabric has a small floral pattern embroidered inside vertical stripes.  It has a gently rounded neckline and puffed muslin over sleeves, which have been attached to the gown after the long sleeves were completed and armholes bound. The cuffs are decorated with rows of padded cording and have a one button closure.  The skirt has a rolled padded hemline.  The gown is hand stitched, unlined and has a tie back closure.